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Need new tires for your vehicle? Though tires are often taken for granted, they are a major safety feature on any vehicle. Because we believe in treating our clients like they are part of our own family, we take care to make sure your vehicle is properly set up with quality tires that will safely carry you and your family every time you drive. The tire service that we offer here will have you back on the road in no time.


If the tires on your vehicle are worn, bald, or flat, then it’s time to consider getting new tires. Good tires make the difference between stopping in time and avoiding an accident. Good tires can also contribute to fuel efficiency, a comfortable ride, cutting through water puddles, and more. If you need new tires, you can rest assured that Riviera Tire & Automotive will only provide you with quality tire products, and that the tires will be properly installed and have a proper wheel balancing completed.


Know the difference in the tires you are buying:

Highway/Passenger Tires

These tires are great for a smooth and quiet ride. Not only will they provide a better quality ride, but they have good traction in the rain. Because of the design of the tread pattern, these types of tires are more resistant to cupping as long as the tires are rotated at the specified intervals in your vehicle's manual and the alignment of the vehicle is kept within specifications. The normal tread life range will vary from 40,000 to 100,000 miles.

All Terrain Tires

The majority of current all terrain tires are quiet on the road and provide improved mud, dirt, and snow traction. However, you will want to keep them rotated at your vehicle's recommended intervals. Since these tires have a little more aggressive tread, they are more prone to cupping, so the rotations keep this under control. Most all terrain tires are rated around 40,000 miles, but with the advancement in technology, they now offer better options that are rated for at least 50,000 miles.

Mud Terrain Tires

Currently, there is no other tire on the market that will offer this type of off road and mud traction.  They will provide the necessary grip to keep a truck moving in those conditions.  The downfall of these types of tires relate to the amount of road noise they produce, the shortened life span of the tire, and the susceptibility to tire cupping and uneven wear.

Light Truck Tires

These tires are designed for heavier duty loads.  Typically, they will come from the factory on trucks that have a higher than normal weight and that most likely will haul trailers of different types.  The reinforced sidewalls and extra steel belted plies will prevent the tire from overheating, squatting, or failure from excess of weight.  Most light truck tires will come with a mileage warranty between 40,000 to 60,000 miles.

High Performance Tires

Most high performance tires today are mostly low profile, have higher speed ratings, and provide better stopping and cornering performance. The higher the speed rating, the better the tire will corner and stop, the more it will cost, and the faster it will wear out. There are many variables to this since there are more and more "H" and "V" rated tires with 60 to 70,000 mile ratings, and the fact that a "Z" rated tire may perform substantially better than another. However, in both of these cases the rule applies: An "S" or "T" rated 80,000 mile tire will usually cost less than an "H" or "V" rated tire rated for 60,000 miles, and a more expensive "Z" rated tire will usually corner better and wear faster than an inexpensive one.






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